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If you are dreading the end of the tax year, you are not alone. Every year, thousands of self-employed people worry about filling out and filing their tax returns. I used to be one of those people but not anymore. Everything changed when I was introduced to a guy who works for a tax service. He offered to take a look at my accounts. Once he had taken a look, he recommended several things I could do to reduce my tax bill. I was really happy about this so I hired him and asked him to look after my taxes.


How to Deal With Land Tax as a Property Investor

22 November 2019
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Somebody once said that the categories of people who struggle with their income tax are men and women. All jokes aside, it can sometimes appear as if there is a tax for everything, and if you're just getting started as an investor, you may have just come across a new one – land tax. As you may not have had to deal with this before, what do you need to consider, and crucially, how can you reduce your exposure in this area? Read More …